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Welcome to Learning Connections


Welcome to Learning Connections, a centre for children's learning and development. Learning Connections is a not-for-profit organisation that is passionate about helping children to reach their full potential. Opening in 1976, Learning Connections has helped thousands of children around Australia achieve success for decades. We specialise in children's development and have created specially designed programs based in neurodevelopmental science that help children – no matter the developmental problems they are facing.

  • We’re for Children –
    the experts in children's development

    Learning Connections is passionate about helping children. In such a fast-paced world, children are often rushed into academic learning– even if they don’t have the tools necessary to learn effectively.

    A child that is pushed to learn before they are ready is likely to become frustrated and disheartened. Learning Connections is here to help. Learn more...

  • We’re for Parents –
    supporting you on your parenting journey

    We understand that in today’s society it has never been harder to be a parent. With more demands on your time, high expectations and a wealth of ‘opinions’ in your ear, it is often hard to know which way to turn.

    At Learning Connections we keep it simple. We have created specially designed programs based in neuroscience that help children to develop the strongest foundations for their learning. Learn more...

  • We’re for Teachers –
    unique teacher support programs

    Today, more than ever teachers are expected to be super humans. With the curriculum moving further from play-based learning in the early years and demanding more 'evidence' from teachers, we understand that teaching is a tough job.

    That's why we provide specially designed professional development programs that give teachers the practical tools to deal with these modern day challenges. Learn more...