Help your child improve their concentration, attention, behaviour and ability to learn

Is your child struggling at school or at home with learning, attention or behaviour?

Are they having difficulty listening? … sitting still on a chair? … staying on task? … regulating their behaviour?

Many bright and intelligent children can have these issues!

Our goal is to turn that all around and help your child achieve their full potential.

Learning Connections has been helping children develop the underlying processes essential for successful learning, focus and concentration since 1976.

How does it work?

  1. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your child to identify areas where they need extra assistance to overcome developmental immaturities. These immaturities may be affecting their ability to concentrate and learn, which in turn leads to frustration, low self-esteem and behavioural issues.
  2. We then develop an individualised home-based program specifically designed to suit your child’s needs and individual learning style.
  3. You implement the program at home with your child. We stay in touch as you are doing this and are available to discuss any queries you may have.
  4. We conduct a re-evaluation of your child at approximately 8 to 12 weeks and revise the home-based program as needed.

“My son has made huge progress in 8 months. He is a different child. He is succeeding in school, his self-esteem is very high and he is now happy and a delight to live with, as we can now reason with him.”

Jill, Parent


Ensure your child has good foundations to get the most from Prep in 2022!

The Prep4Prep program consists of a school-readiness evaluation and a specially focussed program of simple (and fun!) activities for your child to do at home to develop these skills.

A child will get more from Prep if they can:

  • Sit still in a chair or at a table
  • Listen and follow directions – e.g. getting ready to go out
  • Use implements at the table – e.g. cutlery, paper and pencil
  • Display some interest in books, puzzles, drawing and colouring-in
  • Use mature speech
  • Socialise with peers – not parallel playing.

If your child struggles with any of these activities our Prep4Prep program will help.  

Online Training for parents

Online Workshop

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Calm & Focused for Learning is our 1.5 hour online interactive training workshop. We teach you practical strategies to help your child concentrate and learn. The activities focus on developing the sensory processes essential for successful learning.

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Nutrition webinar

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Complete our questionnaire and gain some insights into factors that may be impacting on your child’s learning and behaviour.


Is your child struggling at school or at home with learning, attention or behaviour?

Are they having difficulty…

  • listening?
  • staying on task?
  • regulating behaviour?
  • making and keeping friends?
  • sitting still on a chair?
  • re-telling events?
  • learning to read and write?
  • concentrating on school work?
  • poor attention span… are they easily distracted?

If your child is struggling with learning, attention or behaviour, but you can’t travel to see us in person, then this module is for you!

Calm & Focused for Learning is an online workshop where we teach you practical strategies to help your child concentrate and learn successfully.

This module is suitable for parents and teachers.


Please note that this course is aimed at both parents and teachers but there will be courses specifically for teachers coming soon

The module consists of:

  • A 1.5 hour online interactive session with a trainer
  • A downloadable video summarising the key points and demonstrating the core activities
  • Downloadable worksheets that accompany the activities

Content and learning outcomes

  • You will understand the factors contributing to children’s learning difficulties, and how our program works
  • You will learn a series of simple activities for to use with your child that will help them with attention, concentration and learning
  • You will gain an awareness of environmental factors and the role of technology in children’s lives
  • You will gain an understanding of the critical role of nutrition in development and some tips for diet

Your trainers

Dianne Boyd and Maureen Hawke

Call now on 07 3369 1011 to book an online interactive session

Feedback from parents

Parents notice specific improvements in their children’s behaviour and abilities after implementing programs from Learning Connections.

Here’s what they tell us:

What changes have you observed in your child’s behaviour?

  • Manners improving, saying please and thank you
  • Trying harder to learn and better behaviour at home
  • Overall a little more settled
  • His writing has improved a lot. We can get him to bed at a reasonable hour. He’s not as naughty, his periods of misbehaving have decreased
  • She can concentrate for longer and has more patience
  • Much quieter and self controlled, more patient
  • Less breakdown, less anger and frustration. Calmer, less bad moods

Changes to your child’s academic ability?

  • Concentration is better
  • He doesn’t ask for any help with his homework now
  • The writing has improved. Homework is not so much of a challenge now
  • It’s as if things are coming together a bit quicker now
  • Reading and sounding out have improved
  • He seems to be reading better and trying harder to get things right
  • She can solve problems herself more often and more easily
  • Clarity has certainly appeared, though patience is still trying

General comments about the program?

  • I think it is great and look forward to continuing
  • Excellent. Thank you. Very progressive
  • Has made substantial progress. I’m impressed!
  • She seems to be a happier child with more patience and self control
  • Thank you for the opportunity for my son to participate
  • My son has a renewed interest in music