Our in-school program is
a great way to use your school’s Investing for Success funding.

The Learning Connections’ School Program is an integrated classroom movement program that boosts children’s ability to learn.

Why it’s an ideal school improvement investment

  • Engages the whole class, promoting focus, generating calm and preparing children to learn
  • Enhances student and teacher well-being by providing both stimulation and relaxation
  • Is simple for teachers to implement in their own classroom – just 10 to 15 minutes to complete the activities each morning
Teacher with students
  • Outcomes are measurable, evidence-based and value for money
  • Can be adapted to meet the needs and capabilities of children at different ages
  • Provides an opportunity to actively engage parents and other school community stakeholders as partners in the program

What the program looks like

Stage 1
A two day professional development training workshop designed especially for teachers.


  • Discover why problem behaviours occur (such as constant wriggling, poor concentration, the inability to sit still or stop talking, and difficulties with playing in groups).
  • Learn how to implement the Program activities in your classroom.
  • Consider nutrition, technology and environmental factors, and what can be done to support students in these areas.
  • A half-day parent and community stakeholder engagement workshop with information for parents about the program and tips for supporting their children at home.

Stage 2
A three month follow-up.


  • A half day teacher training refresher workshop.
  • Classroom reviews to support individual teachers to implement the program with their specific groups.
  • A 1.5 hour review with parents and community stakeholders.

We believe this is a valuable investment for all of our children.

“Our school began implementing Learning Connections over 4 years ago in our Early Years classes. Our younger students became more focused and engaged in their learning as a result of this program. Students love doing Learning Connections because they love to move, and teachers love providing Learning Connections opportunities because they can see the children are ready to learn.
Due to the success of the Learning Connections program in our Early Years’ classes, we decided to make further opportunities available to all our students. We had observed the benefits gained in student engagement, physical development and behaviour which led us to extend the program beyond the Early Years. This year we are providing Learning Connections in all our classrooms across the school.”
Sue McCusker
Kingsthorpe State School

Having Learning Connections in our school is now a drawcard.

“At the start of each school day you will see students involved in the Learning Connections Program. You will also see a smile on the faces of parents walking past as they know their children are getting ready to learn. Parents have shared what they have heard and seen in action and noticed the difference it has made to their child’s focus.”
Rita Cranitch
St Francis Primary School, Ayr

Here’s how to book an in-school program

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a personalised in-school program, tailored to the needs of your school or educational setting.

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Who are we?

Since 1976, Learning Connections has been successfully helping children, working with their parents and teachers to find solutions for their specific developmental immaturities.

Our approach is unique, prioritising and combining the benefits of sensory motor and primary reflex inhibition with personalised movement and learning programs, auditory training and nutritional strategies.

We deliver tailored professional development workshops for teachers and early childhood educators, equipping them with activities and programs that improve children’s behaviour and concentration, creating optimal conditions for successful learning.

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Do you know a parent struggling to understand their child’s behaviour?

We also work directly with children and parents. In person or online training is available through Learning Connections. Find out more here …